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Facial Surgery Blog

Your Nose and Weight Changes

Could Weight Loss Affect Your Rhinoplasty Results?

Rhinoplasty surgery concentrates completely on the nose and how it can affect the appearance of the patient’s face overall. Most patients don’t consider the effects that weight loss and weight gain can have on the face and the nose. … [Read More...]

How a Facelift Works

Lifting the SMAS: How a Facelift Works

When you’re considering a facelift procedure, the chances are high you’ll hear the term “SMAS.” This type of facelift surgery is the most commonly used approach today, given the benefits that it can provide as an anti-aging … [Read More...]

Who Is a Good Facelift Candidate?

What Factors Could Make Me Ineligible for a Facelift?

Not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery, especially a delicate procedure like a facelift. If you have been denied surgical care by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, you might want to pause and reassess your goals. If you can, … [Read More...]