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Blepharoplasty in New York City

From New York City’s #1 double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with 20+ years of blepharoplasty experience.

Why choose Dr. Miller?

Dr. Miller is a trusted plastic surgeon in New York City who focuses exclusively on facial aesthetics. With Dr. Miller as your blepharoplasty surgeon, you can expect:

  • Care from a surgeon who has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, and GQ, and honored as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor consecutively for over a decade.
  • Blepharoplasty performed by a surgeon with double board certifications in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology/head and neck surgery.
  • Treatment from a surgeon specializing exclusively in facial aesthetics
  • A 1:1 consultation with Dr. Miller using his NatraLook® Approach, which ensures a unified vision for your blepharoplasty and tailors the procedure to your goals.
  • Surgery carried out in Dr. Miller’s modern surgical facility, fully accredited by The Joint Commission, for your comfort and safety.

Awaken your eyes with blepharoplasty

  1. First, you schedule a consultation with our patient advisor, who asks about your aesthetic concerns and goals.
  2. Our advisor books your blepharoplasty consultation with Dr. Miller. The $400 consult fee will count toward the overall cost of your procedure. 
  3. Expect a 60-minute in-person consultation with Dr. Miller, whose NatraLook process involves discussing your aesthetic desires and creating a plan that aligns his expertise with your vision. Advanced 3D imaging technology allows you to preview what your expected results will look like.
  4. Once your comprehensive plan is complete, Dr. Miller’s team schedules blepharoplasty surgery at a time that works for you.
  5. The blepharoplasty procedure takes about one to two hours. Following your procedure our team works with you to arrange safe transportation home or to your hotel. If necessary, we can have a transportation escort company pick you up.

Consultations & Consultation Fee

  • Consultations are conducted in person in our midtown New York City office, our New Orleans office, or via the Internet (pictures and/or a live web-cam consultation). The consultation fee is $400 and is required upon scheduling. This fee can be applied to the final cost of your procedure.

Consultations & Consultation Fee

    Consultations are conducted in person in our midtown New York City office, our New Orleans office, or via the Internet (pictures and/or a live web-cam consultation). The consultation fee is $400 and is required upon scheduling. This fee can be applied to the final cost of your procedure.


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What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid procedure that involves removing excess skin, muscle, and sometimes fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids. It aims to correct droopy eyelids and reduce puffiness, giving the eyes a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

There are two types of blepharoplasty:

  • Upper blepharoplasty – removes the extra skin, fat, and loose muscle that weighs down the upper eyelids, causing them to droop.
  • Lower blepharoplasty – involves making an incision beneath the lower lashes to remove excess fat and skin and tighten the surrounding muscles to reduce under-eye puffiness.

How much does blepharoplasty in New York City cost?

The price of blepharoplasty typically costs between $5,000-$15,000. Your full blepharoplasty cost may depend on the extent of your treatment, the type of anesthesia used, and any additional fees related to the surgical facility or aftercare.

*Prices reflect the average cost of the procedure in the area. For an actual quote, please contact Dr. Miller directly.

What questions should I ask my blepharoplasty surgeon?

Dr. Miller welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you have regarding the procedure. Before scheduling your blepharoplasty appointment, make sure to ask:

  • What are your qualifications and how many blepharoplasty procedures have you performed?
  • Can I see before-and-after photos of your previous blepharoplasty patients?
  • Am I a good candidate for blepharoplasty? Why or why not?
  • What type of blepharoplasty do you recommend for me (upper, lower, or both)?
  • How will you perform the procedure, and what type of anesthesia will be used?
  • What should I expect during the recovery process?
  • How do you manage pain and swelling after the surgery?
  • What are the potential risks and complications of blepharoplasty?
  • How can I ensure the best possible outcome from my surgery?
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the results or if complications arise?
  • What is the total cost of the procedure, including surgeon fees, anesthesia, and facility fees?
  • Will the procedure affect my vision or eye function in any way?

What are the benefits of blepharoplasty?

  • Lifts droopy eyes
  • Minimizes puffy under-eyes
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Enhances symmetry between the upper and lower eyelids
  • Delivers a more youthful, rested appearance
  • Offers long-lasting results

What does blepharoplasty involve?

How Dr. Miller performs the procedure depends on whether you’re getting upper and/or lower blepharoplasty. If you opt for both, Dr. Miller begins blepharoplasty by making precise incisions in the natural folds of the eyelid, minimizing visible scarring. He then removes or repositions excess fat, tightens muscle, and trims away extra skin. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Miller focuses on enhancing the eyes’ natural contours and symmetry, ensuring a rejuvenated yet subtle outcome. Finally, he meticulously closes the incisions to promote optimal healing and a smooth recovery.

Who is a good candidate for blepharoplasty?

If you have excessive drooping of skin around your eyes due to eye allergies, edema, or genetics, this is a surgery you may want to consider. If you are interested strictly for cosmetic reasons, it is important to know that surgery will not eliminate the normal eye aging process, but it will make you feel more confident about your appearance.

Candidates are typically between the ages of 18 and 65 and are in good mental and physical health. If you have certain medical conditions such as a detached retina, Graves’ disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or glaucoma, check with your ophthalmologist before you see a blepharoplasty surgeon.

Is blepharoplasty painful?

Dr. Miller performs blepharoplasty using anesthesia, so you won’t feel pain during the procedure. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can help manage your temporary discomfort after blepharoplasty.

How long can the results of blepharoplasty last?

The results of blepharoplasty can last for at least 5-10 years; in many cases, the improvements are considered permanent, especially in terms of removing excess skin and fat.

What are the risks of blepharoplasty?

Complications are rare and generally minimal. As with any type of surgery, there is a small risk of infection and minor post-surgery bleeding. Some patients have reported that after surgery, vision is temporarily blurred or double-vision arises, but these issues disappear after a few days. Also, minor swelling around the corners of the eyelids is temporary and typical of the healing process.


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