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Bifid Nose Tip

A bifid nose tip is characterized by a vertical line or split down the center of the nasal tip. While it does not typically cause functional problems, it can pose a significant cosmetic concern. Fortunately, there are ways to correct a bifid nose tip to enhance the appearance. 

Why do I have a vertical split on my nose?

If you have a nose tip indentation or vertical line on your nose, it’s probably a trait that’s been inherited from your parents. Your genes determine the shape of your nose, and a split nose tip is no exception. Having a line on your nose tip is medically referred to as having a bifid tip nose.

When the soft tissue that spans the two sides of the nose is very thin, the outlines of the underlying cartilages are exposed and poorly camouflaged. The resulting appearance is called a bifid nasal tip or frontonasal dysplasia. The cartilage in the sides of your nose can consist of two separate parts, and when the gap between them is wide it creates a nose dimple tip. If the cartilages are convex in shape it can form a depression between them, also creating a dent on your nose, or bifid nose tip. 

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Is bifid nasal tip common?

A dent in the nose tip is generally a rare occurrence. It’s caused by a relatively uncommon malformation where the nasal cartilages are very prominent and displaced from one another or if the overlying skin is thin and the cartilage edges are exposed. Mild conditions may be hardly noticeable while severe conditions can result in a complete division of the nose, or a cleft nose tip. 

While it’s typically inherited, it can present itself as a new condition with no prior family occurrences. In these cases, genetic material is still the cause of the defect. Due to the lower alar cartilages on the sides of the nose and the septum in the central tip region, the tip of the nose has the greatest amount of variability. This makes it particularly vulnerable to malformation.

bifid nose example
Example of a nose dimple (bifid nose tip)
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How to get rid of an indent on the tip of my nose?

In order to get rid of a dimple on your nose, the split in the nose needs to be corrected. This requires the restructuring of the nasal pyramid through a surgical procedure. The necessary rhinoplasty requirements will vary depending on the severity of the split. In some cases, the split may be corrected with minimally-invasive surgery involving sutures. Other patients may require a more extensive rhinoplasty with comprehensive nasal reconstruction.

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Bifid Nose Treatment Options in New York

Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS, is recognized as an expert in rhinoplasty in Manhattan, New York, and New Orleans, Louisiana. He offers personalized surgical plans for patients that achieve natural, beautiful results that fit their precise needs and goals. For a more comprehensive understanding of nose dimple treatment options, please consult our glossary.

Bifid Nose Rhinoplasty in NYC

Conveniently located in Manhattan, New York, Dr. Miller is available for rhinoplasty consultations. He will determine the severity of your nose split and the surgical procedures required to correct the condition. The two of you will discuss any aesthetic desires you have for the final shape of your nose. 

Using his proprietary NatraLook consultation process, which he developed to provide an enriching experience to patients that results in true aesthetic confidence. Dr. Miller will create an environment of safety and support for you, customizing your treatment plan to achieve your personal expectations. 

natralook process

How does Dr. Miller correct a bifid nasal tip?

There are different techniques Dr. Miller might use for your rhinoplasty, depending on your specific needs and expectations. The extent of your rhinoplasty will be tailored to your personal specifications.

For mild cases of bifid nose, Dr. Miller may sew the two cartilages of your nose together with internal sutures. Alternatively, he may place a columellar strut cartilage graft between the split cartilages to fill the defect to treat more severe conditions. In some convex cases, the cartilage may need to be reshaped, or a dermal graft needs to be placed on top of the cartilage in aid in camouflage.   Depending on your unique needs, this condition may be corrected with a tip surgery or an entire nasal reshaping procedure.

Bifid Tip Before & After Photos

While bifid nose condition is a rare occurrence and examples are hard to come by, there are plenty of reasons why nose tip rhinoplasties can benefit clients. Here are some examples of nose tip refinement rhinoplasties conducted by Dr. Miller.

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