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Teen Rhinoplasty

Teen rhinoplasty is the most-often requested procedure by teenage patients in New York City. This is not surprising given today’s societal pressure to fit in combined the popularity of social media websites and the “selfie” culture that comes with it.

While some professionals assert that teens are not mature enough to understand or deal with the implications of plastic surgery, Dr. Philip Miller believes that parental involvement and careful patient selection can ensure the process is beneficial and highly successful for the right adolescent patient.

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How Does Dr. Miller Evaluate a Teen Rhinoplasty Candidate?

Dr. Miller takes a very conservative approach to evaluating teenage rhinoplasty patients in New York City. He understands that it is critically important for these patients to have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcome. He is careful to ensure that the teen does not view rhinoplasty as a “cure all” solution. Dr. Miller’s careful screening process – which includes both the teen and parents – is a testament to the special professional responsibility he assumes for this particular type of patient. He does a thorough assessment to ensure the teen is psychologically mature enough for the entire process and that the teen fully understands the benefits and potential risks. In some cases, Dr. Miller may also call upon a psychologist to assist with the evaluation process. Dr. Miller does not accept every teenage rhinoplasty candidate with whom he consults. As a responsible medical professional, he believes his ultimate obligation is to ensure that the nose job procedures are only performed on those teenagers who are physically and psychologically ready for all aspects of the surgery.

male rhinoplasty before and after results in New York City

What Are the Benefits of Teen Nose Job Surgery by Dr. Miller?

For the teenage rhinoplasty patient, the benefits of a nose job surgery can be great.

Improved Self-Confidence

The teenage years are difficult under the best of circumstances. With social media, “selfies” and bullying at all-time highs, today’s teen faces an endless amount of pressure. When a teen’s focus of dissatisfaction is his or her nose, it can overshadow all other aspects of day-to-day life and make the teen years an unpleasant experience. Often times, these concerns can be easily corrected with a nose job. Teens recover quickly from rhinoplasty procedures, and end results can be positively life-changing.

Better Health

In some cases, teens require rhinoplasty to address structural deficiencies that cause breathing difficulties. Whether caused by nature, accident or trauma, misshapen noses can cause other significant health issues, such as interrupted sleep patterns. Poor sleep has a negative impact on all aspects of a teen’s life. With rhinoplasty, a teenager can alleviate any structural abnormalities and enjoy a return to a healthy, normal breathing state.

Comfortable Breathing

Often times, through accident or traumatic injury, a teen’s nose can be damaged, resulting in obstructed nasal passages that impede his or her ability to easily breathe. A nose job, often combined with other procedures like septoplasty, can correct these structural issues and allow the teen to return to normal, natural appearance and functionality.

teen rhinoplasty before and after

At What Age Can a Teen do a Nose Job?

If you are a teenager considering rhinoplasty, your nose must have reached full development. This typically happens between the ages of 14-15 for girls, and 16-18 for boys. The average ages of Dr. Miller’s teen rhinoplasty patients runs from age 15 to 19.

Dr. Miller does not advise any teen to get rhinoplasty before their nose has fully matured. He will assess a patient’s nasal bones, cartilage, and septum to determine if the patient’s nose is fully developed. Dr. Miller will never encourage the surgery if he is not 100% confident that the patient is a suitable candidate.

Best Age for Adolescent Nose Job

The primary factor for teenagers considering rhinoplasty isn’t a specific age, but rather whether the nose has reached its full adult size. The best rhinoplasty outcome is achieved with a fully developed nose, and most surgeons will only perform rhinoplasty on noses that have reached at least 90% of its adult size.

Responsible surgeons will always be concerned with the teen’s emotional maturity as well, while ensuring they have realistic expectations for what the surgery can and cannot do. With a thorough consultation and proper assessment, adolescents and teens can be ideal rhinoplasty patients.

Am I A Good Candidate For Teen Nose Job?

First and foremost, if you are a teen in New York City and considering rhinoplasty, your nose must have reached full development. This typically happens between the ages of 14 and 15 for girls and 16 or 18 for boys. The average age of Dr. Miller’s teen rhinoplasty patients is 15 to 19. During the consultation, Dr. Miller will assess your nasal bones, cartilage, and septum to determine if your nose has reached this stage.

The other major consideration is whether you, as a teenager, are psychologically ready for nose surgery. Teen patients that can clearly identify their rationale for the procedure and enunciate an understanding of all benefits and risks, make the best candidates.

Whether it is to correct appearance or breathing abnormalities, with proper assessment and support, teens can be excellent rhinoplasty patients. To learn more about teenage rhinoplasty, visit

Rhinoplasty to enhance noses one week post-op. After surgery nasal tip is rotated and bridge is straightened to improve facial profile.

What is the Difference Between Teenage Rhinoplasty and Adult Rhinoplasty?

There were 44,686 rhinoplasty procedures performed on people aged 13 to 19 in 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While experts say that adults tend to have plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty to stand out from the crowd, teens who want to go under the knife have different motivations and goals. 

Teenagers seek rhinoplasty procedures for a variety of reasons, ranging from functional or breathing problems to fixing undesirable issues in order to fit in, look similar to others, and avoid bullying. Whether the concern is a nose that is too big, too flat, or crooked, these traits can make teens feel awkward and even affect their self-esteem. 

Common Concerns With Teenage Rhinoplasty

When a teenager is considering rhinoplasty, there are a few issues that make their situation more complex than that of adult patients considering the same surgery. 

  • Physical readiness - A teenager’s nose might not be fully-grown yet. If a teen’s nose has not finished developing, rhinoplasty can affect its continued growth, leading to malformation or a distorted look, which negates the goals or purpose of the procedure. 
  • Emotional and psychological readiness - This is, perhaps, the biggest concern and most important factor a surgeon considers before determining whether a teen patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Teenagers must have a healthy mental attitude and the emotional maturity to understand that their new appearance is not a magic cure for solving problems. They must also understand the possible risks and complications involved in the procedure. 
  • Motivation for rhinoplasty - The teenager must want the change because of a personal decision, and not because of outside factors. Specifically, teens respond better to any surgical procedure when they are the ones to initiate the request, as opposed to a parent or friend pressuring them to undergo plastic surgery.

A teen and their parents must weigh the pros and cons of a rhinoplasty to determine whether it is the best option. The surgeon will act as a guide to ensure everyone involved has realistic expectations about the procedure. 

Rhinoplasty to remove nasal hump and refine tip by Dr. Miller. After surgery, dorsal hump is gone and nasal tip is slightly rotated for a more attractive profile.

This is why Dr. Miller developed his proprietary consultation process called NatraLook. During the NatraLook consultation, he evaluates the patient’s nose and facial features while listening to their concerns and goals. He will also outline the benefits and risks, limitations, expected postoperative course, and possible complications of teenage rhinoplasty. He will also answer all of a patient's questions and concerns. 

This process ensures the plastic surgery experience is a safe, collaborative environment where patients can explore their aesthetic confidence. This opportunity allows patients and Dr. Miller to create a unified vision for optimal results and the most natural outcome possible. 

How Can I Learn More About Teen Rhinoplasty by Dr. Miller in NYC?

To learn more about teen rhinoplasty in New York City, you can review our rhinoplasty (nose job) guide or contact our office to set up a consultation with Dr. Miller. You can fill out our convenient contact form or call us. One of our Patient Advisers will help you get started.

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