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Five Top Common Nose Shapes with Photos

Dr. Philip Miller

December 23, 2015

If you are not happy with your nose, then rhinoplasty is always available to enhance and improve you appearance. While this type of procedure does not promise to change you life, it will give you a new lease on how you feel about yourself. Before you consider any invasive procedure however, you need to understand everything there is to know about what to expect during the procedure and afterwards.

To help you decide on your new nose, the following noses are the most common shapes that rhinoplasty patients choose. Your own selection will depend on the shape of your nose now and the symmetry of your face. After all, you want your new nose to enhance—not detract—from your features and appearance.

The Most Attractive Nose Shapes

The Snub Nose Shape

The Snub Nose Shape is a popular choice. An attractive nose, the snub nose is found in approximately 4.7% of the surveyed population. The nose is small and slopes upward at the tip, causing the nostrils to be visible. Noses of this shape are usually smaller and tend to turn up. The tip of the nose is neither round nor flat. With its slightly upturned tip, it gives the impression of a snobbish person. An example of a celebrity who exhibits this type of nose is Carrie Mulligan (see associated picture). Elizabeth Taylor also exhibited a snub nose.

before and after image of rhinoplasty for snub shaped nose in NYC

The Roman Shaped Nose

rhinoplasty results in NYC for common nose shape, roman nose

The Roman nose is an over-projected nose shape, which is characterized by an outward curvature in the center protruding from the face. The bridge is pronounced and bent or curved. The nose can appear to be hooked because of its prominent bridge. This nose is often associated with great leaders and signals a person who possesses a strong personality. An example of a celebrity with a Roman shaped nose is actor Ryan Gosling.

The Turned-up Nose

before and after image of rhinoplasty for turned up nose shape

The turned-up nose, also referred to as the celestial nose was found in approximately 13% of the people surveyed in the general population. Research has deemed this nose shape to be one of the most attractive. The concave features of the noses displays a depression in the mid-part and a tip that protrudes. The inward arch is due to a bulky and bulbous tip, which is commonly featured among Caucasians. If the curving of the nose is gentle, then most people find the nose to be quite attractive. For anyone whose curve is more pronounced, then surgery is often an option to improve the appearance. An example of a celebrity with a turned-up nose is Zac Efron.

The Greek-shaped Nose

This nose type is a straight nose type and is often associated with people who are considered to be quite intelligent or in good control of their emotions. Mona Lisa is considered to have had a Greek-shaped nose. An example of a celebrity who exhibits this type of nose is Jennifer Anniston.

rhinoplasty results for greek shaped nose in NYC

The Nubian-shaped Nose

This nose shape is characterized as long with a wide base. This nose is often associated with people who are curious and open-minded. President Barack Obama exhibits this nose type.

nose job for common nose shape of nubian nose in NYC

Naturally, you don’t have to choose a nose that is exactly like a celebrity. Again, the best nose shape for you must be based on the symmetry and shape of your face and what you hope to achieve aesthetically. If you are realistic about your expectations, you should be well-pleased with the final results.

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