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Primary Rhinoplasty

Patient story:

This very pretty woman was interested in removing the bump on the bridge of her nose and rotating the drooped tip. She also wanted more tip definition and refinement. She wanted it to look natural and complement the other facial features she has, such as her eyes and lips.

Dr. Miller’s assessment:

For this case, my plan involved reducing the dorsal hump and then rotating, narrowing, and projecting the tip. Specifically, my surgical plan included dorsal reduction and septal harvest for grafting.


Primary Rhinoplasty

Before photos

Description of surgery:

To ensure the best possible aesthetic results, I lowered the dorsal bridge with a powered instrument to ensure a clean and smooth bone/cartilage transition zone. This resulted in a slight disparity of dorsal width that was resolved using spreader grafts harvested from the patient’s own septum cartilage. The tip was attended to next. Utilizing a tongue-in-groove technique to change the nose’s tip rotation and projection, the patient’s medial and intermediate curral cartilages were slid up and over the caudal (bottom portion) septum. Finally, the ever so subtle disparity in premaxillary projection was treated with a plumping graft just lateral to the right pyriform aperture.

Results are shown one year after surgery.

Most patients require up to one year to heal completely from this procedure so final results are fully evident.

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If you are considering making any cosmetic or functional adjustments to your nose through a surgical or non-surgical nose job, you must find one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons available to ensure the best aesthetic results. Dr. Miller has over two decades of experience in the facial plastic surgery industry, and rhinoplasties are his specialty. To schedule a consultation, contact our Manhattan, New York office today.

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