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Pixie Ear Deformity Correction in New York

Pixie ears occur when the earlobe stretches and gets attached to the side of the face. They are one of the telltale signs of a poorly executed facelift. While some aren’t at all bothered by its appearance, others seek a way to improve the shape of their earlobes. Surgery, or a revision facelift, is the best approach to correct pixie ear deformity and should be performed by a highly qualified and experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Pixie Ear Correction Options in New York

Although pixie ear surgery is the only option, several techniques can be used to perform it.

Triangular incision

This technique leaves minimal scarring and involves taking a wedge of skin from the back of the ear to relieve tension and separate the ear lobe portion from the head.

Revision facelift

For those with pixie ears and who are generally unhappy with their initial facelift results, a revision facelift can be performed to correct the pixie ears and improve the overall facial appearance. A deep plane facelift is typically used for a revision facelift and is designed to relieve the tension on the skin by working on muscle and skin as one unit to reposition them.

V-Y flap repair

For patients who don’t have skin that allows for a revision facelift, a V-Y flap repair, which is similar to a triangular incision, can be performed. V-Y flap repair involves removing excess skin from the earlobe-cheek area, including the earlobe itself. Sutures will be used to create the desired shape for the earlobe.

How Does Dr. Miller Fix Your Pixie Ear?

Philip Miller, MD, FACS, is a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes exclusively in facial plastic surgery procedures and is an expert at performing revision procedures, including revision facelifts.

Dr. Miller begins the process with a consultation. He evaluates your current skin condition and assesses your previous facelift results. He uses his Natralook process to create a collaborative environment for patients, allowing them to express their needs and goals. Dr. Miller offers options to successfully address those needs so that you and he can move toward a shared vision of results.

Dr. Miller will design the best treatment individually tailored to fit your needs and unique facial anatomy, helping you achieve your desired results.

Fix Your Pixie Ear Deformity in NYC

A pixie ear can make you self-conscious about your previous surgery and your appearance overall. Fortunately, help is available. Contact Dr. Miller's NYC or New Orleans office today to find out how we can correct your pixie ear, improve your look, and boost your confidence once again.

Pixie Ear FAQ

What is a pixie ear?

The term “pixie ear” refers to an earlobe that stretches and becomes attached to the skin on the face. The stretched earlobe makes the person look like a pixie.

What causes a pixie ear?

While pixie ears can be a congenital deformity or caused by wound contraction, it is often the result of an incorrectly performed facelift procedure.

Why does pixie ear deformity appear after a facelift?

Whether a patient is undergoing a full facelift or a lower facelift, this complication appears when there is excessive tightness of the skin after being pulled during the procedure. When the skin is too tight, it places undue tension on the earlobe and pulls it taught, resulting in a pixie ear deformity after a facelift.
It is important to choose a facial plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in performing facelifts to reduce the risk of developing pixie ears after a facelift.

How much does pixie ear correction cost in New York?

The price of pixie ear correction in NYC depends on the extent of the procedure performed. A revision facelift to correct pixie ears can cost between $20,000 and $80,000. This is just the average cost in Manhattan, New York. The total cost of revision depends on factors such as anesthesia, surgeon and facility fees, the complexity of your procedure, and your surgeon’s training and experience. Dr. Miller can provide a more accurate estimation of the overall cost during your consultation.

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