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Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has helped many NYC patients improve their appearance or breathing through nose job procedures. Through decades of working with patients, our doctors understand that an educated patient is in the best position to enjoy exemplary results. We have put together this reference to rhinoplasty recovery and post-operative instructions to help potential nose job candidates in the New York area understand what is involved after the nose job surgery is complete.

Nose job surgeries are performed in Dr. Miller’s accredited plastic surgery clinic. The outpatient procedure usually lasts 1.5 to two hours and after the nose job is complete patients can return home. Fly-In Program patients can convalesce in a hotel or recovery facility. The goal for all nose job patients is to allow for rest and recuperation in comfortable surroundings.

When general anesthesia is used during the procedure, patients cannot drive or travel alone and must be accompanied by someone for at least the first day following the procedure.

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What Should I Expect After My Rhinoplasty Procedure with Dr. Miller?

You will wear a nose splint for the first week and will experience slight bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes. This will gradually dissipate over the course of a few days or weeks.
While recovery is different for every patient, you can usually expect the following:

A slight headache and minor pain

  • In the hours immediately following your nose job, you can expect to experience very minor pain in the nose and forehead region. Severe pain is extremely uncommon. Pain medication is provided and may be taken to alleviate these symptoms, although few find it necessary.


  • The nature of your procedure and the accompanying swelling in your nasal cavity means that you will likely experience a bit of congestion in the weeks following the procedure. As the swelling goes down, the congestion should disappear.

Sleep interference

  • It is normal that you may experience slight disturbances in your sleep patterns. A light sleeping aid may be prescribed to help you through the first few nights. It is helpful to avoid dry environments and keep the nasal passage moist during the recovery period. You can use saline spray and ointment, but avoid blowing your nose until Dr. Miller gives you the OK.

Rest and recuperation

  • It is normal for rhinoplasty patients to take at least one week off from work and other activities. This gives you an opportunity to rest and allows healing to efficiently take place. You will have at least two post-operative follow-up visits during this time, as well.

How Can I Help My Rhinoplasty Recovery?

The best way you can ensure a good recovery after a nose job with Dr. Miller is to follow all doctor’s orders. Dr. Miller has performed thousands of nose jobs and has decades of experience with rhinoplasty patients. His instructions should be trusted.
Besides following doctor’s orders, there are a few additional things you can do to help maximize recovery process.

Avoid vigorous exercise

  • For at least the first two weeks, you should focus on taking it easy. Even if you’re feeling better, the gym can wait. You don’t want to do anything during this critical recovery phase that could jeopardize your final results. Slowly increase your exercise activity such that you remain pain-free, without swelling. If you notice your nose begins to swell, or there is pain during exercise, you’re doing too much.

Avoid heavy chewing

  • During the first week or so, your diet should consist of easy to chew, mild foods. Forget gum or steak. The idea is to put as little strain on the nasal structure and surrounding tissue, as possible.

Don’t laugh or smile too hard

  • Not to dissuade you from enjoying yourself, but again, the point is to avoid undue stress on the nasal region. Since your upper lip is attached to your temporarily delicate nose, the less you move your new nose, the smoother recovery will go.

Avoid pulling clothing over your head

  • Try and avoid turtlenecks or tight t-shirts or anything that will drag over your new nose. Now is the time for loose tops and button-up shirts.

Keep your new nose out of the sun

  • The skin covering your nose is in a continuous healing phase in the weeks and months following your rhinoplasty. That makes it susceptible to sunburn. So stay out of direct sunlight in the first few weeks. When you can’t avoid the sun, use a high SPF sunscreen to protect your sensitive skin.

Post-op Rhinoplasty Instructions from Dr. Miller

In the following video below, Dr. Miller discusses post-operative instructions following a rhinoplasty procedure. The video provides general instructions for your care following a nose job surgery. Most of your recovery and post-op rhinoplasty questions may be answered here.

Week 1 Post-Op

Weeks 2-3 Post-Op

Weeks 2-6 Post-Op

When Will my Nose be back to Normal?

You can usually return to work and normal activities within three weeks, but you should refrain from strenuous physical activity for 3-6 weeks. You will begin to see the swelling and bruising disappear within 2-3 weeks, at which time you will start to appreciate the results. Full results usually take 6-12 weeks to be seen while your healing will continue for the entire first year. Dr. Miller and his team will follow you through this entire process, but please be patient to see the final results.

Where can I find more information about rhinoplasties by Dr. Miller?

Please do not hesitate to ever contact our NYC plastic surgery clinic for any recovery or post-operative instructions after your rhinoplasty surgery.

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